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Founded in 1871 by Charles Hayden. Hadyen homesteaded in 1870 and build a store, flour mill, warehouse, and blacksmith shops.


According to legend, Phoenix gets its name from Cambridge-educated pioneer Darrell Duppa, who saw the ruins and prehistoric canals and believe another civilization would rise from the ashes.


Falcon Field Airport and Williams Air Force Base were built in 1941 to train fighter pilots during World War II. After the war, the city grew rapidly, as many military families decided to settle in Mesa.


Architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Dr. A.J. Chandler had drawn up plans for a second San Marco Resort in 1930, “San Marcos in the Desert”, but the resort was never built due to the great depression.


Scottsdale was originally known as “Orangedale” due to it being an ideal place to grow citrus. It was adjacent to property owned by Winfield Scott, so people were often directed to the land “near scott’s”. A newspaper mistakenly called it Scottsdale, which eventually caught on.


Gilbert is the largest “town” in the US. The town is named after William Gilbert who offered a piece of his land to the railroad and soon had a rail siding on his property.

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