Architects & Engineers

As experts who provide IT support for architects and engineers, we can help your firm develop an efficient strategy to optimize your ability to carry out projects successfully.

Our IT Support Can Help With Your Firms Unique Challenges

As an architect or engineering firm, do these issues sound familiar?

  • Large File Sets
  • Poor Organization
  • Difficulty Collaborating
  • Difficulty Access Out of Office
  • Slow Computers, Applications, and Networks

If so, you need better IT support and infrastructure. With OnboardIT we will provide a highly robust infrastructure that can handle your large datasets, and complex applications for project management and design.

OnboardIT Is Here to Help

Our team works tirelessly to provide reliable, secure IT support for architects and engineers to overcome their unique set of challenges. By partnering with us, you can enjoy the following:

Automated backups and cloud storage to protect large project files from being lost or corrupted.

Increased speed and performance while running specialized software, such as CAD/CAM, structural engineering programs, etc.

Expert technology sourcing to ensure you get the exact equipment you need.

Proactive maintenance and monitoring to keep all applications running optimally

Our IT Support for Architects & Engineers

Every architect and engineer knows that optimized IT support is essential for success. That’s why we offer tailored IT services to meet the needs of any sized firm. Our comprehensive suite of solutions includes:

Carry Out Your Vision with OnboardIT

Whether you need cloud management or managed IT services, OnboardIT can do it all. We have a dedicated team of computer experts who’ll monitor and maintain your applications for optimal performance.

With our enterprise-grade IT support for architects and engineers, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure technology issues never impede your ability to carry out projects. Let us help you build your projects successfully.

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