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Break-Fix Tech Support Isn’t Cutting it for Your Business

So what does your IT environment need? At some point, all technology will fail. It requires regular maintenance, much like a vehicle with many moving parts. Your business can’t afford to be “stuck on the side of the road”, while a technician spends days repairing your systems reactively. Managed services are a harmonious balance between your business interests and ours. We set a fixed monthly fee to support and maintain your IT infrastructure, proactively, with our toolset. You have direct access to highly talented technicians for all of your support questions as well, so you can rest easy knowing you have a team behind you. Best of all, if you’re a company with 15-200 employees, we can meet your budget.

At some point, all technology will fail.

Never worry again about your…





Cloud Storage


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Have You Ever Said… 

“Shouldn’t that be documented somewhere?”

“I’m paying too much for the quality service that I’m receiving.”

“Our wired and wireless networks are spotty.”

“My IT provider is slow and unresponsive.”

“We aren’t receiving any plans for the future.”

“We’re about to lose our IT guy, or they have already left.”

“I’m not actually sure what we’re getting billed for.”

OnboardIT can make these better for you today. Give us a call to start the discussion. 

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