Co-Managed IT Services

Our team of experts will work with your in-house team to leverage and fortify your existing IT infrastructure and helpdesk, ensuring that your systems are always secure and running optimally.

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Does This Sound Like Your IT Department?

These days the consequences of poor IT are all too familiar to many businesses: short-staffed, overworked employees often struggle to keep up with maintenance and repair needs; computer problems that seem never-ending; automation is non-existent; integration is a tedious nightmare; and data security risks loom large that are threatening to derail everything you’ve worked so hard for. Fortunately, there is a solution to your IT headaches.

What Are Co-Managed IT Services?

If you want your internal IT team to be able to focus on company specific tasks, co-managed IT services are your best bet. Co-managed IT services allow your in-house team to focus on the more important, higher-level projects. Tedious, mundane IT tasks slow down growth and can be draining for your in-house team.

With an MSP by your side, you can rest assured that all of your core IT needs will be taken care of. By leveraging the strengths of both in-house staff and an external partner, co-managed IT services provide a comprehensive solution to all of your IT needs.

How Can Co-Managed IT Services Benefit Your Business?

If you’re still unsure whether co-managed IT services are right for your business, consider the following benefits it can provide:


  • Divide and Conquer: With an MSP helping to manage day-to-day tasks, in-house staff can focus on more crucial projects and be backed up by additional team members.

  • Maintain a Secure IT Environment: Security is tough to uphold and takes a huge chunk of time out of your internal IT staff’s day.

  • Monitor Systems 24/7: With an MSP’s round-the-clock service, you can be sure that any potential problems or security issues will be identified and addressed quickly.

  • Bring a Fresh Perspective: Co-managed IT providers deal with a variety of businesses with different challenges your internal IT staff may not have dealt with before. Leverage our baseline policies and procedures.

  • Advanced Automation: Working with OnboardIT brings enterprise grade user and device provisioning automation, reducing errors and saving time.

Our Co-Managed IT Services

At OnboardIT, our co-managed IT services provide a comprehensive solution to all of your IT needs. We’ll work closely with your in-house team to ensure that our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Some of our solutions include:

Why Partner with OnboardIT?

When it comes to choosing an MSP for co-managed IT services, OnboardIT is your best choice. We’re invested in the success of our clients, so we work hard to ensure that all of your IT needs are taken care of. Our experts have years of experience and are prepared to handle any problem that may come your way.

We specialize in modern management with Microsoft 365 and Azure to equip your IT department with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Plus, our fast response times mean that any problems can be resolved quickly and easily. With us on your team, you can expand your horizons and explore new possibilities. We’ve made major leaps with our co-managed customers in operational maturity which is exciting to see and work on. The possibilities are endless when our teams work together, and we look forward to the opportunity.

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